Join the East Alabama SKYWARN Team

"Calling all (new and future) Spotters..." Just a reminder that if you are a licensed Amateur Radio Operator (any license level) we would welcome you to become part of the East Alabama SKYWARN team! We are not looking for "storm chasers." Rather, our goal is to provide the most accurate and comprehensive ground-truth reporting of severe weather activity to the guys up there in the National Weather Service field office, local public safety and emergency management agencies, and other key response personnel and teams. In conjunction with all the high-tech radar equipment and instrumentation at their disposal, the NWS personnel who make the decisions regarding issuing warnings and alerts depend heavily on having human eyes and ears to gather and report information which instruments can't gather for a variety of reasons. During severe weather events, the active East Alabama SKYWARN NCS (Net Control Station) is constantly monitoring specific Ham Radio frequencies, gathering real-time information from SKYWARN Spotters. It isn't even necessary for Spotters to leave the comfort of their home. Spotters can report activity from home, work, or from the field while out and about anywhere in the six-county East Alabama SKYWARN coverage area. If you choose to become one of those Spotters, you will become part of a very critical team.

If you are not already trained as a SKYWARN Spotter, you can complete the training in either of two ways: take part in a FREE, single-session, onsite class near you, or -- even easier -- take part in FREE online training from the comfort of your home. Either way, the training is easy, fun, and quite informative.

If you aren't already licensed as an Amateur Radio Operator, we offer free classes to help you study for your first license -- known as a "Technician" level license -- and we will bend over backwards to help you get ready and successfully pass the test so that you can report severe weather activity to the East Alabama SKYWARN NCS and also enjoy virtually limitless opportunities to enjoy the hobby. Best of all, you will be able to provide a potentially life-saving service to your friends, neighbors, and community.

If this sounds like something that you would enjoy and take pride in doing, contact Dan -- KK4ICE -- the East Alabama SKYWARN Net Coordinator and he will be glad to help you get started. You can contact him at, or by telephone (334) 787-9005.


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