East Alabama SKYWARN
Operations Documents

The following documents and forms should be printed and kept readily available for use at each Net Control Station (NCS). Radio activity logs and reports should be submitted to the East Alabama SKYWARN Net Coordinator (KK4ICE) as soon as possible after the conclusion of any net activities. It is also recommended that NCS stations download, install, and use the free ARES/RACES logging software by KB3HIY. This software facilitates quick generation of net logs, which can then be submitted to the Net Coordinator as an email attachment.

Clicking on a document link below will open the PDF version of the document in a new browser tab/window. It is the responsibility of each Net Control / Liaison Station operator to make sure he/she has the latest version of each document printed and readily available for use. NCS Operators using the ARES/RACES logging software should still keep an ample supply of printed NCS log forms on-hand in order to continue logging in the event of computer failure or power outage.

Document Latest Rev. Date
ACTIVE STATUS Net Preamble 2/12/2013
STANDBY STATUS Net Preamble 2/12/2013
TRAINING NET Preamble 2/12/2013
East Alabama SKYWARN Net S.O.P. 6/1/2012
NCS Radio Traffic Log Sheet  
Liaison Station Log Sheet